I’m the owner of Newgrange Precision, a long range shooting enthusiast, outdoorsman, avid camper and hiker, and father of two. Come daybreak or sunset, I’m out there doing what our ancestors did for thousands of years.

In 2022, I founded Newgrange Precision, an online bolt action parts retailer to help share my love for high quality precision rifles, and to put those parts and tools within the reach of both the hobby and competitive shooter. RABBLE IN ARMS is our propaganda outlet – where we cover the parts, tools, and accessories that help us succeed in the field, and how to live freer, more independent lives when we return home.

At Newgrange Precision, our business philosophy is built on few a simple principles: our belief in your natural rights and our desire to provide the best possible service to our customers. We believe a broad, decentralized network of small businesses means better access to inventory, a staff that better understand their products, and a more responsive experience than you get with the bigger guys. We’re here to serve you and to bring more shooters into the long range world.

If you want to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit; if you want to connect to nature in a deep and meaningful way; if you want to reshape your life into something your ancestors and your descendants can be proud of, you’ll find yourself at home here.

Thanks for having a look around.



Newgrange, Ireland

If you’ve ever wondered about where the name “Newgrange Precision” comes from, it’s a nod to my Irish ancestry.

My family immigrated to Michigan from northwestern Ireland toward the end of the famine, settling in the Thumb, putting down roots and remaining close together for generations. My 5th great grandfather’s grave is about a 30 minute walk from my childhood home; my 6th great grandfather about a half hour drive.

Some time around ~3200 BC, an Irish burial mound now known as Newgrange was raised over the banks of the River Boyne in County Meath, historic seat of the High King of Ireland. The logo on my site’s banner reflects this mound.

Newgrange is constructed such that during the sunrise on the Winter Solstice, a beam of light reaches through the entry passage and illuminates the inner chamber for 17 minutes.

The solstice in prehistory was a crucial natural turning point in the ancient man’s calendar, as it reflects the rebirth of light and promise of new growth at the darkest point in the year.

When a man learns to shoot targets at long range, he uses the tools available to him to observe and connect deeply with the natural world around him, measuring the environmental conditions, using his understanding of his muzzle velocity and his rifle’s ballistic data to connect precisely with a target, for the protection or survival of his family.

That the builders of Newgrange achieved a similar goal with primitive tools more than 5000 years ago is a testament to man’s innate drive to achieve mastery over nature. Long range shooting is a natural extension of that drive.

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