MDT Comp Brake

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The MDT COMP Brake, designed from the ground up to be the best muzzle brake for competitive shooters.

We began with two major design parameters, to redirect, or “break up” concussion towards the shooter, a standard pain-point in muzzle brake devices, and to reduce felt recoil as much as possible. Through 16 months of development, testing, optimizing, more testing, and then even more testing, we believe that we have created the most effective competition muzzle brake on the market.

Comfortable Shooting Experience

Spend all day shooting with the MDT Comp-Brake. This muzzle brake diverts the blast away from the shooter, providing the most comfortable shooting experience by drastically reducing concussion and felt recoil by up to 67%.

Serrated Baffles

The 4 baffles on each side are designed with staggered angles and serrations that causes turbulence and disperses energy. This results in greatly reduced concussion and less headaches.

Spot Your Trace

Featuring 6 top venting ports, the MDT Comp-Brake can be made to direct gas upwards at 20° angles, so not only does it counteract the recoil, but it enables you to see right through the blast and keep your eye on the target.

Tunable Top Ports

The MDT Comp-Brakes top ports can be adjusted to be more open or closed, doing so will allow you to tune your muzzle rise based on your preference or load.


6.5mm, 30 CAL

Thread Pitch



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