Armageddon Gear Squishy Rear Bag

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From the manufacturer:

The Armageddon Gear Squishy Rear Bag is so versatile you’ll find yourself using it every way imaginable. The round cross-section allows universal orientation in the hand and the stretchy Tweave shell ensures maximum conformance with the support surface and complete contact with the rifle stock, letting you really sink into position. This provides a totally different feel from any other bag. The strap is made with overlapping Velcro-lined sections that allow the bag to be attached to a rifle stock, handguard or forend, tripod head, shooting sticks, pack, or wherever needed. Like all products manufactured by Armageddon Gear, the Squishy is proudly made in the USA. Weighs 1.6 lbs.





Coyote Brown, Multicam


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